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Mobile Spa

At drIVe Hydration Spa we can come to you for your IV Therapy needs!

If you cant make it into the clinic for your hydration needs, don’t worry. We will come to you. We offer in home, in office, and in hotel service!

For mobile service we will need you to book and pick your bag before we head to you. Mobile service does require a charge of $0.57 per mile so our nurses are taken care of properly. This is perfect for that rough Monday or even an office party. As creative as you are we can make it happen.


At drIVe Hydration Spa we can provide IV Therapy stations for your events!

We offer our IV Therapy on the road for concerts, golf tournaments, weddings, and pretty much anything you want us there for!

We require a $1500 deposit per day to show up and set up. We equate that to 10 IV drips. If we do 10 or more each day, we refund the deposit! As long as we meet the deposit, It is free to the event.

We have 2 fully self-sustained Mobile Spas and a golf cart shuttle for all events.  Our event menu is a compressed menu but we can prepare for other options off of our full menu at your request.


All memberships must be used in our clinic

Our hydration therapy extends further than just our clinic, we have mobile hydration spas as well. If you are feeling too bad to even leave your home, we can come to you to revive you with our vitamin and hydration therapy. We can come to your home, or if you have an event where people are at risk of dehydration, such as a golf tournament, you can help everyone stay happy and hydrated when you call us out.