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You can find your drip for whatever you need with drIVe Hydration Spa. We have an extensive menu full of vitamin and nutrient-rich IV drips. If you need a hangover cure, we have the perfect IV cocktail for your recovery. If you are pregnant and in need of some nausea relief, we have the perfect blend for you.

Our Hydration Spa Treatment Menu

Each treatment has vitamins for your specific needs. If none of these appeals to you, you can make your own,
or add an extra vitamin to one of our specific blends. Find your drip below.


We offer many different options to put extra vitamins in your drip. Each vitamin serves a specific purpose and our hydration specialists can guide you through the benefits and options.

Arginine is an amino acid usually found in poultry, red meat, and other animal products. This amino acid is needed to make protein and is often used to increase circulation.

Vitamin C is a supplement that strengthens the immune system.

B Complex vitamins are a vitamin group that play an important role in overall health. You need vitamins in the B group for things like energy, good metabolism, healthy skin, and more.

Biotin is a popular vitamin to take to increase hair, skin, and nail growth and health. It also helps enzymes break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in food.

B12 vitamins are very important in red blood cell formation, along with cell metabolism.

Calcium is very important for bone health through every stage of life, and it also helps your heart and muscles to function properly. 

Glutathione is made from amino acids and significantly helps in tissue repair plus helps your immune system.

L-Carnitine is important for heart, muscle, and brain function.

L-Lysine is a very important amino acid, it is not something the body can naturally make, so it is important to get this in your diet, or an IV drip.

L-Glycine is an amino acid, and unlike lysine, the body can make this. While the body is capable of making it, supplements are still beneficial.

Magnesium Chloride is a mineral found in the blood, and it is essential for basic cells and nerve function. It is easy to become deficient in this mineral, and many people benefit from a magnesium supplement.

MIC- Methionine, Inositol, and Choline can be used in weight loss endeavors.

MSM-Methylsulfonylmethane can be used to sometimes treat arthritis, and it helps with inflammation.

Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid that occurs naturally in the body and helps the body and brain function, plus supports nerve growth.

Zinc helps strengthen your immune system and metabolism function, and it also helps wounds heal.


If you want a little extra hydration or an extra vitamin in your drip, you can get a booster. All of our vitamins and supplements are available as boosters.

Most Popular Boosters

Find Your Drip With A Membership

There are a lot of benefits to membership with drIVe Hydration Spa. Here is what’s included with every membership:

  • Free booster with a drip per month. 
  • 20% discount on additional boosters
  • 25% discount on additional drips
  • 5 guest passes for friends and family for a Hydration Plus drip. 

There are several levels of membership. Each membership is priced per month. Each level has different types of drip that qualify for membership pricing. If you decide you want more than one drip a month, you get a 25% discount on each additional drip.

Level 1 – $99
  • Basic Hydration Drip
  • Hydration Plus Drip
  • Pregnancy Drip
  • Nurturing Drip
Level 2 – $120
  • Anti-Fatigue Drip
  • Detox Drip
  • Classic Meyer Drip
  • Any level 1 drip
Level 3 – $150
  • Sports Drip
  • Restore Drip
  • Wellness Drip
  • Hangover Drip
  • Pre-Op and Wound Care Drip
  • Any level 1 or 2 drip
Level 4 – $199
  • TEXAN Drip
  • Any level drip
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